Rakhi Baid


Born with an intrinsic talent and creativity, from a small town Rajgangpur in Odissa, Rakhi Baid started her art journey through paintings with varied subjects and themes. Her paintings are a way of expression of untold, withheld feelings. An avid Krishna devotee, Rakhi Baid paints the god regularly using unique composition, yet always employing universally adopted Krishna motifs. Be it traditional or contemperory art – Lord Krishna offers endless inspiration. Being a self taught artist, Rakhi tries to freeze moments in time through her paintings. Her paintings bring out the yearning of the devotee in all its glory, evoking a sense of mystique, lingering moments of introspection and inspiration, a deep spiritual resting point and a feeling of shunyata - the point where the creator and the created become one.

In her excerpts, Rakhi explains, ‘Krishna is the symbol of love and giving. Radha and Meera both loved Krishna dearly but for them both, love meant letting go.’ As an artist, she tries to capture this sentiment in her work, and becomes a storyteller in her own right by basing each painting on a theme that has a deeper meaning. Her use of colors and space makes for an outstanding impact on the connoisseur.

Widely featured by local media, Rakhi Baid is now on her path to becoming a household name in the artist circle. She considers herself blessed to be able to express through her art, and remains indebted to everyone who believes in her work.

Bio Data

Rakhi Baid
Date Of Birth
15 August
Solo Exhibitions:

2014: Show @CHITRAMAYEE STATE Art Gallery in Nov. Hyderabad
2013: Show at Tanishq Showroom (TATA) in Nov.Mumbai
2013: Show at Nehru Centre, AC Gallery In Sept, Mumbai
2012: Show at JS Art Gallery in Dec.Mumbai
2011 : Artist Centre, Nov, Mumbai
2011: Nehru Centre, Sep, Mumbai
2011: Art Entrance, Jan, Kalaghoda, Mumbai
2010: Pradarshak Art Gallery, Khar, Mumbai
2009: Malaka Spice Art Gallery, Pune


2016: Artistic Symposium with Mango Art Gallery, London.

2016: A group show with gallery West 10 in IAF, Delhi.

2015: A group show with gallery west 10 in India Art Festival,Mumbai.
2015: A group show at Gallery West 10, Navi Mumbai.
2015: A show in Hotel Hindustan curated by city art factory , Kolkotta
2015: Art For life show in Vedic Village @ Kolkotta.
2015: Colours” Show in Coomaraswamy Hall , Mumbai
2015: participation in Globe Art Fair, DUBAI..
2015: Group show of Women Artist @ Saina Gallery ,Pune
2014 : Group Exh Partcipating Solo @ India Art Festival ,Mumbai ,
2014 : Group show @ Kolkatta Gallery M,Oct 18 to 3rd Nov.
2014 : Group Show at Delhi , Hotel Fraser Suits , 1st - 7thSeptember
2014 : Group show at Jawahar Kal Kendra, Jaipur From 15th August
2014 : Group show at IFACS ,Delhi
2014 : Group show at Singapore Expo By Art info.
2013: Art Info, Dubai, October 2013
2013: Group Show at Lalit Kala by Mrigna at New Delhi From 1st Nov- To 7th 2013
2013: Raipur MGM Museum By Colourentice
2013: Goa, Sanskruti Bhavan By Colourentice ,
2013: Visual Art Gallery Delhi, By Mrigna,
2013: Nagpur, Colourentice (Audi Showroom)
2013: Coomarswamy Hall, Aks Art Gallery & P L Deshpande Hall, Mumbai
2012: JS Art Gallery, Mumbai
2012: Coomaraswamy Hall, By Aroma, Mumbai
2012: Paint For Justice 2, Supreme Court in New Delhi
2012: Paint For Justice 1, Nijh World Gallery AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi
2012: JS Gallery Mumbai
2012: Lalitkala Akademy Nijh World. New Delhi.
2012: Hyderabad, Diverse Expression Alankritha Art Gallery,

2012: Coimbatore, Hotel Residency, By White Shadow Gallery,
2012: Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, By Nijh World Art Gallery
2012: Buddha Show, Aks Art Gallery, Andheri, Mumbai
2012: New Delhi, Visual Art Gallery, Mrigna Group
2012: Coomaraswamy Hall, Lotus, Mumbai
2012: AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi, Mrigna
2012: Alliance Art Gallery, New Delhi, Mrigna
2011: India Art Fair, Nehru Centre, Mumbai.
2011: Hyderabad, Alankhrita Art Gallery,
2011: Monsoon Show at Artist Centre, Mumbai.
2011: P L Deshpande By Airawat Art Gallery,Mumbai.
2011: Art Mall, New Delhi, The STREE 2011
2011: Coomaraswamy Hall,,Lotus, Mumbai
2010: The Elements “Artist Center”, Mumbai.
2010: Art Land, Mumbai.
2010: Art Entrance, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.
2009: Out Of The Blue In Bandra, Mumbai.
2009: Colours show “ Museum Art Gallery, By Art Land, Mumbai
2009: The Leela Gallerie, Mumbai
2009: Pune, Aperture India Art Gallery
2009: Pavement Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2008: Sejal Encasa, Mumbai.
2008: Moksh Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008: D. D. Neroy Art Gallery, The Divine Two Women Show, Mumbai


(All India Level, Jain Vishwa Bharti)
2003: Visarjan
2004: Swasth Pariwar
2005: Jainatva Chitra
2009: Save Girl Child


Member of Bombay Art Society
Member of Jehangir Art Gallery
Member of Artist Centre


Various Private Collections in India and Abroad (Dubai ,USA, London, Australia, Canada, Etc)


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